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13th September 2017
Windsurfing: Point Clear
Wind Direction: W
Wind Stength: 20/30
Surf / Sea State: flatish and rough
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny periods and squally showers + amazing rainbow & sunset:)
Max Speed: 31.64 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 31.29 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Wednesday 13th September – windsurfing ***** Point Clear – sunny periods and squally showers + amazing rainbow & sunset:)

31.64 kt. max, 28.69 kt. ave., 13.73kt. hr., 24.16 kt. mile, 57.80 km., 19.93 kt. alpha.

After three days of some full-on windsurfing, named storm ‘Aileen’ did its worst overnight with gusts in Felixstowe to 47 knots but thankfully dropping during the day! I was not up for an early start at Southend, maybe it was a lucky move as there was, I think, a long hold-up on the A12:( With the wind in the west I was going to stay local going to Levington Marina only six miles from home but as we had recently joined the Felixstowe Windsurfers ‘WhatsApp’ group, we soon learned through loads of pings on the phone that several Felixstowe windsurfers were heading to Point Clear. Peter Cutts, Mark Smalling, Andy Mexome and Strawberry were going so I decided to join them – what’s another 80 mile round trip in three days! With the tide right to sail at approx.. 2.30 we had a relaxing morning with a trip up the town and a sandwich before Mag and I left at 12.30 arriving an hour later. As usual the tide was well out. The Felixstowe sailors all turned up, bolstered by a smattering of locals including Keith Farmer and Michael Honey. We parked on the green with great views out across to Mersea Island, the open sea and the lagoon:). Sail choice was a problem with the wind all over the place but we had time to rig a couple. I went with 5.8 on the 80 lt. Falcon and 6.5 on the F2 Ride. Unfortunately, I advised Mark Smalling that he didn’t need 7m and as he didn’t plan on his 6.2 he is still blaming me! Strawberry was first out but was really struggling in the lagoon with 5m so I went with the bigger option and it was pretty well perfect for most of the session even if a series of squalls like on Monday were playing havoc with the wind! I soon had a couple of 31 knot runs under my belt by sailing broad down the far channel in the lumpy water. As usual I couldn’t get a 30 kt ten second:( but great fun trying. Gybing too, only missing out on a 20kt alpha by a fraction! I think both Andy and Mark had been back to change up but the 282 + 6.5 is a top combination, my favourite set-up:) With the wind going light I headed back to the van to check in with Mag and to take the micky out of struggling Mark with Peter and Andy! Mag made a cuppa with some delicious banana loaf. Then an amazing angry black cloud approached from the direction East Mersea. I quickly took some pics before heading back to the lagoon, I even managed another 30kt run which included a 30 kt ten second:) Sadly the big gusts were few and far between, great planing conditions but not overly fast. The wind got a little lighter so I decided to go for a mile run. I headed out to sea and made it over a mile up the coast as the wind increased and the sea got bigger and bigger! Being all by myself far from the van I turned and headed back but with the sea being big and my fin too small I spun out twice quickly, the second time just as I had peaked at 28.26. I then managed to hold on until Brightlingsea getting a 24.16 mile. Could have been better with a bigger fin but great fun trying:) I then returned to the lagoon for some gybe practice but with a dozen kites now on the water you had to keep your eyes open as sadly few of them look before they jump or turn:( Then the best part of the day, another squall hit making sailing in heavy rain interesting with the water turning earily flat. As it passed over we were treated to the most amazing double rainbow over Point Clear, it would have made a stunning photo but sadly no camera out on the water! With the sun setting and the wind dropping I called it a day at about 6.30. The end of another 5 star session:) Back at the van Mag made cuppa’s all round and we had some top banter. Mark even managed to get going and enjoyed his day, blaming me for not making 30 kts, but Andy joined the 30 kt club today also having a top day. As for speed buddy Pete he pipped my top speed by a fraction so a top day all round. Mag enjoyed her time to chatting, snacking and doing her crafts:)
Then had to drive home in the dark arriving at 8.15 knackered and there might by some breeze tomorrow. Talk is Bradfield but only sailable from about 3.30 so if I go I will save the miles and go to Levington.

Photo Gallery Here

Toys Used:
F2 Ride - Limited Edition 282
Tushingham Lightning 6.5
Mystic Yourizoon Shortie xl



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