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11th September 2017
Windsurfing: Point Clear
Wind Direction: W
Wind Stength: 20/25
Surf / Sea State: flat in lagoon - swell in sea
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny periods with squally showers - thunder and lightning!
Max Speed: 31.21 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 26.76 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Monday 11th September – windsurfing *** Point Clear – sunny periods with squally showers - thunder and lightning!

31.21kt. max, 28.53kt. ave., 10.78kt. hr., 25.01kt. mile, 49.60 km., 19.07kt. alpha.

After missing all my mates yesterday, I actually made it to the same beach as them :) With it not sailable until about 12.30 we were not in any hurry to get there. So, we had a leisurely stroll up the town, I made a sandwich then Mag and set off for Essex at 10.40 arriving an hour later. As usual I was way too early with the tide way out! The sun was shining and with no one else there we went for a walk along the sea wall with lovely views of the mud, fishing boats and a top sky:) At the first house we had a long chat with local fisherman Tony Talbot who posted me the tide and weather conditions yesterday:) Then on the green we meet another local Michael Honey walking his dog and had been rigged ages! Then Roger Vickers and Neil Hurrell arrived and we all parked at the far carpark near the Martello tower which is sheltered and has a nice grassy area to rig. So, with the tide coming in I returned to the van to decide what to rig? I had time to rig a couple so went for the 6m I used yesterday and the Lightning 6.5. After yesterday when I put my Autumn wetsuit on which really restricted my grip I went back to the shortie which was loads better only cooling off in the squalls! I was first on the water, just with Neil and I heading down towards the open sea at Jaywick. I was going for a mile run early while I was still fresh, and made it a couple of miles before turning as the seas got bigger and the wind fresher! Sadly, on the way back my adjustable outhaul became lose making the sail difficult to control:( After a quick swim I tightened it and made it back peaking at 27 kts before turning and doing it again, this time I managed to hold on all the way although my arms were stringing but upped my max to 29kts, not bad for the open sea:) I later learned I got a 24 kt mile the first run and 25 kt mile the second so I was pleased:) We then headed into the lagoon and as the sea had not breached the shingle bank making the water smooth, sadly the wind was westerly making it very up and down but very smooth just not windy enough. I was only getting 27 kt runs but managed to catch one gust breaking 30 kts with the 6m rotational. I then headed back to the van for a bite to eat and change up to 6.5 which was better. I was having some fun in the lagoon and was getting loads of 28kt runs sailing broad down the lumpy middle of the lagoon! With the sunshine long gone we were surrounded by dark storm clouds with thunder and lightning! As a huge storm cloud approached with the rain coming, while most had the sense to head back to Rogers camper for a cuppa I stayed out by the shingle bank waiting for the squall to arrive. As the rain started and the wind increased I went for it and got my best speed of 31.21 not too bad as I went a fraction too early as all hell broke loss! It absolutely tipped it down with thunder and lightning and the visibility was really bad! The only option was to sit it out with Keith Farmer but as the front went over and the sun returned the wind completely disappeared with us at the far end of the lagoon! We then walked to a clear section of the shingle bank and we managed to wobble back but well short of the van! Neil and Roger had walked down to help but I left my board by the green and walked back to Mag who was looking for me with binoculars and taking some pics:) Then after a chocolate bar Neil said the wind had returned so I went back to my board and headed out again. The wind was not as strong but with the tide drooping the water was lovely and flat:) I had a great time sailing along the shingle bank getting some super gybes and got a nice set of gybes with my top ten all over 17 kts:) I am pleased with my top gybe of 19.07 as my max speed going in was only 23 kts! Then for the second time today the wind disappeared and I had to walk to the end of the shingle bar to wobble back then having to walk back 200 m to the van. Then as usual with two sails to derig we were last to get away yet again. So, a 5-star day for me despite the two struggling returns to the van as the wind died! More wind forecast this week too, I was thinking about Southend on Wednesday but I don’t think I can face the 140-mile round trip followed by a long walk! I think Mag enjoyed her day relaxing in the van reading and doing her crafts :)

Photo Gallery here

Toys Used:
F2 Ride - Limited Edition 282
Tushingham Lightning 6.5
Tushingham Vulcan 6
Mystic Yourizoon Shortie xl



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