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13th August 2011
Windsurfing: Felixstowe dip
Wind Direction: southerly
Wind Stength: F3
Surf / Sea State: flat
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: warm
Max Speed: no gps
Distance Covered: 7 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

A quick call to the Cguard said 16kts Southerly, so it was game on. On arrival Andy M was planing out on 8.5, Rog Neil and Lord Swainy turned up, but the wind eased to 8-10kts which wasn't inviting.
Phantom / 9.4 tushy and we set of to the docks. I fell off on the tack twice! (mimicking maker I think) and Neil was leading the race, but needed a piss :) great! :)
Rog was sneaking high, whilst I tried to gain ground on Neil underneath, but the piss was fatal as he broke a fin on landing!
Serves him right for not warming up his suit, with the yellow stuff :) he had to go back to the dip
Roger did the tightest (tortoise) beat and came round the bend in one tack in the lead, as I was forced to tack.
The wind freshened very nice as the Manor. The formula boys were buzzing the Manor on 12 meters and were flying in what was perfect longboard / formula conditions Top of Force 3 and flat water.
Yet again I should have gone to the Manor as the wind was great there!
We landed at the martello chat and set of back to the dip in the now dropping wind, although the formula's were still flying, Rog again use his tortoise (him) / hare (me) tactics, whilst I belt off out to sea following the formula's. He did a dead run from the bloody martello to the dip, cutting out the reach to beat me to the beach!
Thats what I call determination, for christ sake a 2 mile dead run in not much wind!
So another great long bd day, and yet again Rog found in his van the perfect fin for Neil - a 1980's relic F2 US finbox...
Lord Swain you need to sell the door and get a 99p Fanatic / F2 mate, they stuffed me today, and I know you are always dreaming of doing that with 99p Ebay stuff!
There must be 6 of us now with longboard for the waldringfield run, which must be fun..
Formula heads Colesy, Nick and Adam I think said they went (or returned from) to Waldringfield flat on 10M in around 30mins ish so thats the challenge
Lost at newmaket last friday racing but "Tommo" Tom Jones was good, with my my my delila ...great!
Toys Used:
Starboard  Phantom Race 380 300L
Tushingham  XR RACE 9.5M
Drake  Race 48 48cm



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