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16th October 2010
Windsurfing: felixstowe dip
Wind Direction: NNE
Wind Stength: F5
Surf / Sea State: rough
Air Temperature: cold
Sea Temperature: ok
Weather: ok
Max Speed: too fast
Distance Covered: 2 minutes (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Met Lord Swain 3.00pm at the dip, rigging 7.0 / 130 board. Wind was offshore ish (North something) so he waterstarted out which nearly made me scarper.

Not wanting to let the mad dog down, he just missed too bloody great shore dumps luckily, then took off out of control in the big sea. Again my instincts said go home.

Rigged 7.0 / 145L because there was no chance of getting out in the offish wind. My 7.0 RSS took a pasting trying to get out and I failed. (Go home I thought..)

OK - did the waterstart thing, missing about 3 f...g dumpers breaking on top of me, I drifted 50 metres to safe water, thinking, yes ur having fun, yes u can (f....g yanks!)

My 7.0 RSS looked sick, but no damage yet! I finally got up and the rocket took off....f....k me I am having fun! I hit every monster wave at 100mph, thinking sooner or later I am going to have to turn..everything too big (should be max 6.0M), I managed to turn and stay on, so decided to head for cover upwind towards the kite zone as there was no wind there. I had no chance of survival if I let the board reach off wind.

Swainy was still doing OK on his 7.0M. I was now flying towards the golf end and luckily hit less monster waves. I must have looked like a f' ing seal beaching with a killer whale on its arse,as I crashed the beach on a moster dumper, which then sucked my board back out, for another to pummell both of us...this is fun!

OK, everything looked a wreck, I drank half of the North sea and laid in the biting wind thinking 2** cos at least I am alive and I cant see any broken battens, holes or glass fibre from the board.

After walking my board 500M back to the dip, I heard..."daaa de daaa deda, baby ur mind gone, baby ur mind gone, to get u way down here to make u walk alone, baby please dont go..."
Baby please dont go... baby please dont down to new orleans u know I love u so baby pls dont ..dang de da de da....

Lord Swainy was pumping out Van Morrison...brilliant as he pack up to sail his yatch up to Ramsholt for an overnighter.
The day had everything, driving f'g everywhere to find Lord swain, rig 45 minutes, sail 2 minutes, back, knees, elbow and ankle shagged, walk 500M 4X to get sail + board, Prince Swainy helped me (his son thanks), and singing "baby please dont go"... all the way back to Ipswich, cos the gunners won, Frankel at new market and Ipswich lost (sorry boys, its just a bet)
4 MF **** />
M S(low)

Toys Used:
Tabou Rocket 76LTD 145L
tabou Freeride 44CM



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