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Beachguide » Aberavon (Port Talbot)
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Aberavon (Port Talbot)

Sandy beach backed by sea wall and dunes to the north
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24th Apr 2004
Amenities Available
parking camping cafes toilets dogs disabled
Photo of Aberavon (Port Talbot) beach - Early morning high tide
 Aberavon (Port Talbot)
 by: physcotim
Photo of Aberavon (Port Talbot) beach - aberavon
 Aberavon (Port Talbot)
 by: juls

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Overlooked by the Industrial Sites of Port Talbot and backed by a huge grey sea wall, Aberavon isn't the most attractive beach along this stretch of coastline. If you look North along the beach though it looks a lot better. This may be one of the reasons why it never gets busy with holdaymakers, even in the height of summer, despite having all the usual amenities.

Aberavon is a two mile long sandy beach which is signposted from junction 41 of the M4. Facing SW, it is best for windsurfing in SE or NW winds, which are cross-shore, but it is possible to sail here in almost any wind direction.
Kitesurfing is hugely popular here with the BKSA holding regular events. SW through to NW winds are onshore and provide the best conditions. At low tide there is plenty of room for launching and landing and also for land-based kitesports such as buggying.

Parking is available along the promenade and accomodation of all sorts is available in the town.

Sports Suitability
Surfing star
Surf Conditions at Aberavon (Port Talbot) can be OK
Buggying starstarstar
Buggying Conditions at Aberavon (Port Talbot) can be Excellent
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Aberavon (Port Talbot) can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Aberavon (Port Talbot) can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Aberavon (Port Talbot) Kitesurfing at Aberavon (Port Talbot)
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE

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Author:Beachguide Comments » Aberavon (Port Talbot)
Posted By: justal

Member#: 1
Registered: 21-07-2002
Last Visit: 07-12-2021

Mood: Just Chillin
Kiting Restrictions

A recent accident here associated with a BKSA kitesurfing event has lead to talks between the BKSA and local authorities. Nothing has been decided yet, but it looks as though regulations of some sort to prevent further kite related accidents occurring will soon be enforced.

Posted By: Joner

Member#: 131
Registered: 05-02-2003
Last Visit: 20-06-2016

Mood: Still Learning

The water quality. Dont even bother going there, its terrible, brown oily water with occasional raw sewage

Restrictions: Difficult to access at high tide

Comments: High local crime rate means regular car break ins/ thefts this combined with poor water quality means I would reccomend anyone goes to restbay or the gower.
Posted By: boweto

Member#: 1394
Registered: 04-07-2005
Last Visit: 05-07-2005

Water Conditions

Hi, the sea water is a lot cleaner these days but can not guarentee the surf. I recently moved here and have just started to learn to surf, so you may need to take my comments with a pinch of salt.
Posted By: wet n windy

Member#: 1932
Location: Aberavon, Port Talbot
Registered: 31-05-2006
Last Visit: 02-06-2006

Windsurfing at Aberavon

This is a bit of a longshot but are there any of you guys who sail at Aberavon? I moved here last year and despite living less than 100m from the beach I do not go out very ofton as there is no-one else out. There are quite a few kite surfers but no windsurfers. Does anyone fancy a blast?
Posted By: SeaHawk

Member#: 9246
Registered: 04-01-2011
Last Visit: 04-01-2011

Water clean

this gut called joner you are haveing a laugh mate water con
are realy good here,yes in the passed,i would agree with you
but as you would know or maybe not the blue flag is not given so easy,so maybe you need to come back on here and and up date your last thought's,allso someone else stated about the crime well this is your fault if you all leave ur keys up under the the front wheel,get a life mate this beach is one of the best,may be dont have the best surf , but you know what when we do get no one goes in the water because the surf is to big lol,i know i live and work on the beach mate,i will tell you this face to face i am allways there,
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