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Sandy Beach backed by sea wall
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26th Apr 2004
Amenities Available
parking camping cafes toilets dogs disabled
Photo of Gansey beach -
 by: justal
Photo of Gansey beach -
 by: justal

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Gansey used to be a really good beach for all the family and for forces-of-nature sports, and would often be busy with holiday-makers in the summer. However, in recent winters, The Forces-of-Nature have got their own back and there have been several times when the sea wall (and parts of road and peoples gardens) have been washed away. In an attempt to halt this erosion, a larger sea wall and big piles of boulder sea defences have been built, turning a once sandy beach into a big pile of boulders.

The beach is still sandy at low tide and windsurfing, kite-surfing and surfing are all possible here. Even at high tide there is a small patch of sand, so all is not lost, but the beach isn't as good as it was. The beach faces SSE so SW winds are cross-onshore. The waves are mainly beach break waves with generally little power, but a small clean wave can sometimes break off the rocks at the western end of the beach.
You can park all along the beach road here and most amenities are available nearby.
Sports Suitability
Surfing star
Surf Conditions at Gansey can be OK
Buggying star
Buggying Conditions at Gansey can be OK
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Gansey can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Gansey can be Good
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Gansey Kitesurfing at Gansey
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE

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